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Discover the Paris Tickets Rules :

Covid 19 UPDATE: We reserve the right to change any prize offered according to travel situations around the world IN 2021

1. How we choose the winners.

Aljassimya Farm  invites up to 30 participants at AAC shows to the Arabian World Championships in Paris at the end of each show season. Each participant winner is accompanied by the guest of their choice.  The invited guests will be decided according to the the points they have won at any show throughout Europe that is participating in the Aljassimya Amateur Challenge.  Points may be won with multiple horses at one show.  Points won at Halter will only count towards the whichever Halter section they were won in (Novice, Amateur and Amateur Experienced) and will not count towards totals in Trail or Ridden classes, and vice versa.  Total points return to zero at the beginning of each year.

Every handler / rider will win points according to his/her ranking in each of the Halter, Trail or Pleasure classes.   This includes classes split by number of entry.

Points can be collected by one handler with several horses over any European AAC show in 2021 .

In halter classes the best 3 results per show per level of a participant will be taken into account only.

  1. • 1st place in class: 5 points
  1. • 1st place in a single horse class 4 points
  1. • 2nd place: 3 points
  1. • 3rd place: 2 points

• 4th place and lower: 1 point

From 2020 we are also offering Full Championship Points

The Championship in Novice, Amateur and Experienced Amateur Halter sections will award the following points.

  1. • Champion  Novice, Amateur or Experienced: 4 points
  1. • Reserve ChampionNovice, Amateur or Experienced: 2 points

• Bronze Champion Novice, Amateur or Experienced: 1 point

In Pleasure classes we offer the full class points to entries in the Junior Horse, Novice and Advanced classes.

• 1st place in class: 5 points

• 1st place in a single horse class 4 points

• 2nd place: 3 points

• 3rd place: 2 points

• 4th place and lower: 1 point

From 2020  we are also offering a Championship for any Pleasure Class split into two sections.

Any Pleasure Championship held due to large entry will award the following points.

  1. • Champion Pleasure : 4 points
  1. • Reserve Champion Pleasure: 2 points

• Bronze Champion Pleasure : 1 point

Where no championship has been held there will be no extra points.

The points will accumulate throughout 2021 and the 30 handlers / riders with the most points will win a Paris Ticket according to the following divisions.

  1. • 5 highest ranked Novice Halter Handlers
  1. • 5 highest ranked Amateur Halter Handlers

• 5 highest ranked Advanced Amateur Handlers

  1. • 3 highest ranked Handlers in the In-Hand Trail Competition

• 3 highest ranked Riders in the Ridden Trail Competition

  1. • 3 highest ranked Riders in Hunter Pleasure (Novice only)
  1. • 3 highest ranked Riders in Western Pleasure (Novice only)

• 3 highest ranked Riders in the Classic Pleasure (Novice only)

The winners will be announced at the end of the season. In the event of a tie for the final ticket in any division, it will be drawn by lot. The decision of Aljassimya Farm will be final.

2. Prizes to be won

The ticket will include:
• 2x Entry tickets for the Arabian World Championships in Paris for Friday, Saturday  and Sunday 2021.

• A hotel within walking distance of the show will be booked for any required days.  Thursday,  Friday, Saturday  and Sunday 2021.  However it is possible for you to travel to Paris on Friday morning and leave on Sunday afternoon if your work or commitments make it hard for you to be away so long. Please inform us of your arrival and departure dates so we can adjust our bookings. One room with double occupancy plus taxes and breakfast only are included on the winning ticket, all other costs incurred at the hotel, meals, minibar, laundry etc must be paid by ticket holders. No cash refund will be given to any ticket holders who choose alternative accommodation or different nights.

• Travel to and from the hotel to the World Championships will be on foot now the show has moved to the Porte De Versailles Expo centre.  The hotel will not be more than 1km away. We may not all be able to be in the same hotel.

• Entry to the Special Prize Draw. All ticket winning handlers will be given a number card on arrival at the World Championships that is their entry into the Special Prize Draw. They must also be present on Sunday December 1st after the Stallion Championship for the draw itself. Ticket winners not present at the show or not present at the draw will not be eligible to win the Special Prizes. Handler’s guests are not eligible for the draw. Any 2021 winner who won a Special Prize ticket in the four previous seasons in which they were awarded, 2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019 will also not be eligible for the 2021 draw.

•  A 100 euro cash travel assistance for each winner only. This will be handed out in the hotel only to those taking up their winning tickets and coming to Paris. Guests do not get the travel assistance.

• The Aljassimya Amateur Challenge Jacket. This is given to both the winners and guest and we ask that you indicate your sizes on the booking form. We do not have spares.

Additional conditions apply.

The winning Paris tickets are non transferable from the named winners of the Aljassimya Amateur Challenge to any other person. However the accompanying ticket may be given at the winner's discretion to the person of their choice. Ticket holders must inform Aljassimya Farm of the name of their travelling companion.

Participants are responsible for booking their own medical and travel insurance for the duration of this trip. Aljassimya Farm accepts no responsibility for any injury or claim arising; occurring as a result of the visit to theWorld Championships.

No cash refund will be given in any circumstance for ticket holders who do not travel to the World Championships 2021.

Aljassimya Farm reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions.