Discover Official Rules

Every year after the World Stallion Championship the Paris ticket winners gather for three more chances to win an exciting prize in our SPECIAL PRIZE DRAW !

Covid 19 UPDATE: We reserve the right to change any prize offered according to travel situations around the world IN 2021.

1. Time, Location and Eligibility

The Special Prize Draw will take place at the Aljassimya Farm publicity stand on on the final Sunday of the World Championships,  after the Stallion World Championship 2021.

All ticket winning handlers will be given a number card on their arrival at the World Championships that is their entry into the Special Prize Draw. They must also be present on Sunday afternoon after the Stallion Championship for the draw itself.

Ticket winners not present at the show or not present at the draw will not be eligible to win the Special Prizes. Handler’s guests are not eligible for the draw.

Three numbers will be drawn at random for the prize draw and the handlers holding the corresponding numbers on their card will be deemed the winners of the Special Prize Draw.

2. About the Winning Tickets

The winning tickets entitle the winner to invite the named guest of their choice to accompany them on a week long trip in 2022.

Aljassimya Farm will provide:

  1. • Flights arranged and paid for by Aljassimya Farm
  1. • Hotel accommodation at a location chosen by Aljassimya Farm.
  • • The itinerary will be arranged by Aljassimya Farm.

Additional conditions apply:
• The winning tickets are non-transferable from the draw winner to any other person. However, the accompanying ticket may be given at the winner’s discretion to the person of their choice.
• Ticket holders must inform Aljassimya Farm of the name of their traveling companion.
• Participants are responsible for booking their own travel insurance for the duration of this trip.
• Aljassimya Farm accepts no responsibility for any injury or claim arising; occurring as a result of the travel arrangements or the visit itself.
• Participants are responsible for ensuring their passport and visa are in order. 
• No cash refund will be given in any circumstance for ticket holders who do not travel  for any reason.

Aljassimya Farm reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions.