The biggest Challenge so far !

 The first Amateur Challenge in Austria was organised this year by Franz Hagmair at Stadl Paura. With a strong domestic interest in Western riding we know the more info

Swedish Nationals

Our first year in Sweden ! Sweden has a strong tradition of Arabian breeding with special attention to movement. It’s good to see that at all Swedish shows the walk in a triangle is still more info

The last 2019 show in Spain

Very happy to see yet more new faces in Spain and the usual happy atmosphere ! more info

Galiocio Show Photos

Please enjoy the photos of some of our winners from the recent Galiocio show. more info

EACSO Show Photos

Please enjoy the photos of some of our winners from the recent EACSO show. more info

ACC Sign-Up

We are pleased to announce that you can now sign-up for the Aljassimya Amateur Challenge online! Make sure to visit Register Today! more info

Moving Up the Levels!

We celebrate the handlers who are moving up the levels based thanks to their great performances! NOVICE to AMATEUR – earning over 160 points in 2018: Jaime Vasquez Aldemunde, Spain Katja De Bruyn, more info

2018 California Draw WINNERS!

Jo Cooper (UK) Jose Blanco Estevez (ES) Anna Matthews (UK) more info

Aljassimya Amateur Challenge 2019!

Join the fun, excitement & camaraderie with the 2019 Aljassimya Amateur Challenge. If you’d like to join please apply today by reaching out to one of the following people: Emma more info

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