2017 Results and Rankings

Winners of the California Prize Draw at the 2017 Salon Du Cheval.

  1. Bart Beckers – Belgium
  2. Rene Bertelsen – Denmark
  3. Annelieke Stoop – Holland
  4. Automatically qualifying for a ticket is Koen Hennekens who has completed our Challenge in the Experienced Section and is no longer eligible to compete as an Amateur. We wish him all the best in the open classes.

2017 – AJF Amateur Challenge Winners

Novice Halter :

  1. Lore Beckers – Congratulations you move to the Amateur level for 2018!
  2. Nathalie Waterman
  3. Bart Beckers
  4. Jessy Loockx
  5. David Halpin

Amateur Halter :

  1. Rene Bertelsen
  2. Matt Wells
  3. Dave De Jongh
  4. Sarah Jane Todd
  5. Nathalie Gerard

Experience Halter :

  1. Koen Hennekens – Congratulations you have completed the Aljassimya Farm Amateur Challenge with success and are hereby already one of the winners for the 2018 California travel – We look forward to your visit and wish you all the best in your further show career as an Arabian horse handler.
  2. Lisa Marie Heckenbrucker
  3. Jo Cooper
  4. Zoe Brailsford
  5. Priscilla De La Ruelle
  6. Ridden Trail:
  7. Ginny Van Gastel
  8. Jannes Prins
  9. Heleen Ceuppens

Trail In Hand:

  1. Ginny Van Gastel
  2. Stefanie Bovens
  3. Heleen Ceuppens
  4. Classic Ridden :
  5. Gaby Van Keulen
  6. Annelieke Stoop
  7. Rikke Skaerlund

Western Ridden:

  1. Claudia Mertens
  2. Jannes Prins
  3. Marije Caudron-Metselaar

Hunter Ridden:

  1. Claudia Mertens
  2. Gaby Van Keulen
  3. Vicki Morris – Won by draw


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